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Department of Tribal Welfare
Government of Goa, India


Shri. Dasharath Redkar

(Directorate of Tribal Welfare) 

One Step Ahead

Thought and planning before Action is the Key to accomplishment.

Total population of ST community in India is 8.61% and cover about 15% of the country area. However in Goa,we have 10.23% of ST population and scattered all over the State with high density in Canacona and Quepem Taluka.

ST Community in our State has played a vital role in protecting the envirnment and keeping consistency with the nature. In some parts of the state our schedule tribe brothers have remained to be opened up to the changing envirnment even after 52 years of liberation of the state and in some parts, they have not come up to the mark of so called material development. Thus these indicators underline the importance of the need of livelihood activities based on locally available resources so that gainful employment opportunities could be created at the door step of Tribal people.

My aim as Director Tribal Welfare is to perform to the best of my ability and prepare ST community to compete with the general category and succeed in the achievement.
I believe in commitment to excellence regardless to the endeavour.Finally I say that Believe in yourself and others will too. I appeal to our ST people to confront to the present courageously and constructively to secure the future.