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Department of Tribal Welfare
Government of Goa, India


Shri. Govind Gaude
(Minister for Tribal Welfare - Government of Goa)




The annals of history have begun with the footprints of the Tribals on the soil. Goa exhibits the chiaroscuro and vividity of the vibrant tribal heritage and its ecosystem. With the mission and a full - fledged programme of social inclusion in the polity of the State, we are bound to provide quality life support and enterprise to the Scheduled Tribe communities of Goa thus empowering them with constitutional rights. Schedules Tribes Communities have contributed immesnsely towards protection of our environment. Social inclusion, modern education, sustenance, capacity - building and enterprise have been the focus of our policy towards the Tribal Welfare of the State.


(Govind Gaude)
Minister for Tribal Welfare
Government of Goa