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Department of Tribal Welfare
Government of Goa, India

Mission of the Department
The State Government has set-up the Department of Tribal Welfare, to look into the grievances of Scheduled Tribes, for better enforcement of their Constitutional Rights and to give impetus to the implementation of various schemes and programmes for the Welfare and Development of Schedule Tribes in the State of Goa.

Vision of the Department
1.Protection and empowerment of ST's in Goa.
2.Implementation of the Scheduled Tribes and other Traditional Forest Dwellers Act,2006,with
   expectation to reach to the people in remote tribal areas and to all the tribals in Goa to make them aware of their
3.To implement various schemes of the department among all ST population in the State.
4.Implementation of Tribal Sub Plan thoroughly.
5.Training and Capacity building among Tribals.
6.To reach out to the tribals staying in remote areas.